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balanced body



The Balanced Body Quadrant

Our online coaching program is designed to help you transform your body and take control of your health. A program that addresses fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset all in one place making it easier for you to reach your goals. We aim to provide everything you will ever need to finally achieve the results you desire.

Why us

Maintaining the highest standard

All our products have cGMP certification. cGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice. cGMP’s are established and enforced by the FDA.

Online coaching

We are about to launch a highly anticipated 12 weeks long program that will be taken personally by our founder Kristy Semonella. We also have a monthly performance coaching program ready for you.

Filling the gap

Supplementation bridges the gap between the decreasing nutrient content of the food we eat and what your body needs to function optimally. Understanding that we have developed various products to help you fill the gap in your diet.

Train With Kristy/Powered By Body Image Fitness

Our monthly performance coaching program is an easy to use fitness, nutrition, accountability and coaching system designed to give you the results you want.

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Our Story

Learn about who we are and what we represent.

Our Founder

Kristy Semonella began her career in the health and fitness industry back in 2001 when she became a licensed massage therapist. She had found her passion and her love of helping others, which ultimately led her to become certified as a personal trainer in 2006. Outside of her time of coaching others Kristy enjoys spending time with family and friends, nice dinners and loves animals and traveling.

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How we came to be

While working as a personal trainer Kristy realized that many of her clients were suffering from unhealthy diet and didn't have any idea or plan on how to achieve their fitness goals. She understood that they were busy people who had little time to figure that out by themselves. Being a personal trainer for so many years, she understood what goes into transforming oneself completely and what's required to take control of their health. So she decided to create Balanced Body. An all-in-one place that has everything one need in her daily life.